Jennifer Hudson

Sales & Marketing Director
Education or Background
Favorite thing about living in Delaware
The laid back lifestyle, having the beach in our backyard, and being close location to metropolitan cities.
When not at work, you can find me
On the beach with friends and family
Friday afternoon beverage of choice
Glass of Merlot on an outside patio with friends
Most intriguing part of the construction process
Watching the transformation and seeing the finished product
Years of construction or admin experience
Over 15 years
GH is awesome because
Our commitment to integrity and devotion to our clients!

Sales & Marketing Director Jennifer Hudson has been with Garrison Homes since 2017. Prior to joining our team, she worked in the home-building industry for over 15 years and possesses extensive knowledge in all of its aspects. Currently, Jenn works alongside clients during the home building process and is responsible for coordinating with the design team, the selection team, and the estimation team at each stage of the project. 

Jenn looks forward to visiting with clients in their newly completed homes. During these visits, she is able to experience the excitement that clients feel as they reflect on their project experience. She deeply values the friendships that are formed during projects and treasures the ability to turn her clients’ dreams into reality.

Jenn believes that marketing is of central importance when selling custom homes. Since marketing is often a client’s first interaction with the company, she feels that these efforts need to be top notch and innovative just like the company’s homes. When not at work, she enjoys spending time with her daughter at the beach, visiting local restaurants, shopping, and enjoying a variety of other activities. Additionally, she loves to watch HGTV where she is regularly inspired with new ideas for the company’s custom homes.