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Charles Garrison, co-owner of Garrison Homes, started the company in 2000 alongside his son, Jeff. He first learned the craft of building directly from his father Gamaliel Garrison. Gamaliel was a first-generation carpenter who owned and operated a cabinet-building company. After high school, Charles gained experience working with a number of large builders. By the time he co-founded Garrison Homes, he had already acquired extensive construction and project management experience.

Charles oversees all of the company’s site superintendents and is integrally involved in getting every home building project completed in a timely manner. His meticulous attention to detail ensures that the company consistently provides only the highest quality work for each client. Moreover, he is not afraid to get his hands dirty and is often seen sweeping the floor of a new home to ensure that the job site is immaculately clean.

When he is not working, Charles enjoys vacationing with his wife and children. Along with his son and business partner Jeff, he has two daughters Lori and Hope. In addition to home building, Charles has a fervent passion for both hot rods and classic cars. In his spare time, he enjoys attending exotic car shows, and more than once he has returned home from a show with a new car!