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There are many reasons why you should choose Garrison Homes to build your custom home in Delaware, but we’ll let our customers do the talking. At Garrison Homes, we’ve been designing, building and renovating the best custom homes in Delaware for 75+ years. During this time, we have been consistently pleasing our customers with our attention to detail, craftsmanship and personal-touch service. Check out what a handful of our many satisfied customers have said about us and then contact us to discuss your custom home today!

When we hired Garrison, we needed the house delivered in a very tight timeline. Garrison was able to deliver on time and on budget. We would definitely use them again for another project.
David Gorman
Jeff and his team have been absolutely great throughout the whole process. From designing the plans to building the final structure, the Garrison team collaborated with us the whole way through. Jenn Hudson and David Maloney were, without a doubt, the best to work with from start to finish. They were open and honest with everything, providing suggestions when we had questions and guiding us every step of the way while keeping our budget in mind. They have exceeded our expectations and we could not be happier with the final product! Thank you to the people at Garrison for not only building our dream home but also becoming a part of our family.
Jen and Kris Guerin
My husband George and I fell in love with Rehoboth Beach in the early 70's and, consequently, bought a small cottage there. We painted the house white and, because we lived and worked in the DC area, enjoyed the irony of escaping to the little White House for weekends and longer getaways. Over the years we made many changes and improvements; however, it remained a small cottage. After we retired and began to spend much more time at the beach, we discussed our options for living there full time.

Unexpectedly, before we had settled on a plan and taken action, George died, and my life changed forever. During the months, blurred with loss and grief, that followed, I finally decided that I would sell our other properties but not the White House. As I asked around the area for names of builders whom I could trust to do a renovation, the name Garrison Homes came up frequently. I had seen signs with the name, and I noticed the new houses they were building.

From the initial meeting with Jeff Garrison, I felt that this company had a staff that would listen to my ideas and dreams, answer my questions, and work with me to create a lovely and livable space. And, they did just that. Mike Davis, the Project Manager, saw me through the entire process. He listened to my ideas, responded to my many emails, answered my pages of questions, and put me in touch with the myriad members of the team it would take to make this dream a reality.

I was able to use the original doors from the first floor in the new second floor; I got the field stone fireplace I wanted; and with design and artistic guidance I was able to choose the details that emerged as a simple but spacious house with a cottage feel -- a dream called The White House.
Carole Calhoun
Building a custom home is no small undertaking! It takes perseverance, visionary design, a quality builder and money. By far, the builder is the most critical and Garrison came through for us. The key is your site superintendent and ours was one of the best general managers we’ve come across. He excels at managing all of the craftsmen, trades, & the us achieving 360-degree communications plus managing materials & scheduling. If you want a quality build by construction experts then Garrison Homes is the place. In the end, we are so proud of what we accomplished with them and the Element Design Group. Our unique home at the beach will be a cherished destination for our family and friends for years to come.
Jim Zambito
After interviewing several builders, we are so happy we chose Garrison Builders to build our custom home. It was a pleasure to work with them at every phase of the project. Their craftsmanship is excellent, their attention to detail is remarkable and their willingness to make adjustments or corrections during the construction process was appreciated. They delivered on time and we wouldn't hesitate to use them again!
Jim & Lilian Early
The difference between building a house and building a home is evident when you select Garrison Homes as your builder. It was the best selection of the many selections we made during the building process.
From concept, to construction, to occupancy, the Garrison–Client partnership blended the interest of the homeowner with the professional quality of the Garrison team to deliver a home that is a unique source of pride for both.

Custom Design
Quality Materials
Attention to Detail
Incredible Craftsmanship
A complete team of support throughout the process
Contractors that treat your home as if it was their home

The focus on customization and customer satisfaction cannot be overstated. Our experience with Garrison Homes was extremely positive, with very few “surprises” during the actual build. Their upfront focus on our custom design enabled us to stay on budget throughout the process, which was a calming benefit that reinforced our decision to go with Garrison.

Their team was exceptional. At the onset, Eric worked hard to help us scale our custom plans to a manageable budget so we could live in the community we desired, helping to make our dream come true!
Once the home was designed and construction began, every member of the team treated the project like they were building their own home with immense care and perfection. Their design consultant (Rex) was an extra special gift. That service was a primary distinction between Garrison Homes and other builders we had considered, and a tipping point for us. Having a design consultant as part of our team helped stretch our vision for selection possibilities and as well, when challenges came up as they will in a custom design, he always helped find a great solution. Having a team approach really assisted us in being able to have a stress-free experience and enjoy the process of building together.

Finally, having the individual attention of our builder, Jeff Garrison, involved throughout the process was exceptional. He was true to his word and goal – 'to provide us the highest level of quality craftsmanship and second-to-none communication.' They delivered on that promise at every level.
Without question, we would encourage everyone to choose Garrison Homes!
Linda & Bart Delaney
To whom it may concern,
I have used Garrison Homes for the last 4 years to re-roof, re-dryvit, rebuild decks, etc. and paint the outside of our condo from top to bottom.

The work was done on time, the quality was excellent, the price was competitive, the site was cleaned up when they finish the job and the condo looks great.

We will be using Garrison Homes for more work in the future.

Robert and Caroline Hocking
Bluff Condo Association
After building my home with Garrison Homes, it was a very easy choice to have Garrison Builders due the build-out of my medical office. Garrison Homes’ knowledge of commercial build, experience, and quality of their work made this a minimally stressful process. I entrusted them to assemble the right team to get the job completed on time and within budget and they delivered. Their project manager, David Maloney, was excellent in maintaining communication with me during the process. Without reservation or hesitation, I would recommend Garrison builders for your commercial and residential needs.
Joe Wendolowski
Over the last 4 years, we have used Garrison Homes for multiple phases of renovation at our condo association. We have used them to re-roof, re-dryvit, rebuild decks, paint the outside of our condo from top to bottom, and more.

The work was always done on time, the quality was excellent, the price was competitive, and the site was cleaned up when they finished the job. The condo looks great. We will continue using Garrison Homes for more work in the future.
Robert & Caroline Hocking
It’s really hard for Duncan and me to believe that you presented us with the Certificate of Occupancy to our Garrison home ten years ago today! We finished a day before the promised delivery date you gave us when we broke ground on September 9, 2009.

Ten years later, we remain extremely pleased with and proud of our home. We have thoroughly enjoyed living here.

We continue to receive compliments on the curb appeal of the house from total strangers as well as kind comments about the inside of our home from friends and guests.

In short, you built us a high-quality home and have offered excellent customer service before, during, and after the process. We sincerely thank you!
Glenn and Duncan
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